Three-Dimensional (3D) Studio Dome

Be familiar with space!

This studio dome, with a diameter of 16 meters and a seating capacity of 120, offers 3D images. Four projectors set up at the center of the dome project images for right and left eyes on each of the front and the back of the dorm. Meanwhile, super-bright, high-definition, and very beautiful 2D images are created by projecting precisely combined images from the right and left projectors into one image.

  • Mechanism of 3D view

    The right and left projectors project respective images in different colors on slightly different positions side by side. By wearing 3D glasses, your brain puts these images together to form a 3D image.

  • How do 3D glasses work?

    Special filters used for lenses of 3D glasses polarize light for left and right eyes. Each filter intercept left and right images generated from the projectors and each of the images is sent to only each of the left and right eyes.

  • From starry sky to space

    The Uniview software, generating real-time images of space, depicts stars of your favorite spot at your favorite time of day. You can enjoy space travel faster than light with a live narration.