Hill of the Wind

Enjoy landscape of Komatsu

This museum was built hoping to be a "natural hill", in other words, a satoyama in the downtown. While making the full use of the natural environment in this area, we introduced rooftop gardening to integrate the landscape and the building. You can cross the premises through the walkway on the rooftop. Walking through a restaurant or the Hill of the Wind, you can glimpse many activities in the museum facility.

  • Vehicle town, Komatsu

    There is JR Komatsu station, Komatsu airport, and the Komatsu Japan Air Self-Defense Force base on the west. You can also see Komatsu's 930 E dump truck. Enjoy the view of the vehicle town, Komatsu.

  • Seasonal plants

    Native plants that flowers in the different seasons are planted for you to enjoy them throughout a year. The drought-tolerant plants of Sedum (Crassulaceae) are used for rooftop gardening.

  • Enjoy watching the wind!

    The LED lamps on the rooftop light up at night. As the light blinks matching the direction and speed of the wind, you can also visually enjoy the blowing wind.