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Specialty of the month

Let's find out Leiji Matsumoto 's Autograph!

In March 2017, our director emeritus Leiji Matsumoto, Japanese anime and manga creator, put his autograph on an exhibit in Wonderland! His space-themed works are well received in Japan and beyond. With admiration for space, he always says, "I want to go to Mars in future!"


  • Theme:Space
  • Theme:Building
  • Theme:Mechanics
  • Theme:Light
  • Theme:Communication
  • Theme:Energy
  • Theme:The ABC of Komatsu

Highlights (photos)

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Planets in the Solar SystemEV BusWeatherRenewable EnergyParabolic antennaSoundElectricityPolarizing PlateLightThree primary colors of lightElement Symbol Coin LockerMirror and LensShadow LettersWaves Everywhere?!Prism LightElevatorPulleyGyroscopeLeverFoucault PendulumGearHill of the WindYumekobo Architectural Design Project at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT)Walking on the Rooftop to Enjoy Science and NatureHills Shop (Museum Shop)RISTORANTE JinHidden TechnologiesChallenge WallSpots for the Space PhotosThree-Dimensional (3D) Studio DomeIndustry timeline of KomatsuSpace Station KomatsuNTT West CorporationStone Culture of KomatsuJ-BUS Ltd.Kutani wareKomatsu Gas Co., Ltd.Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.Toa Electric Industry Co., Ltd.Youkaichijikata siteMurata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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