Let's experience the world of mechanics!

Let's pull the rope in order from the left side of the exhibit. You can feel the motion of the pulley by actually pulling the rope. After that, watch on the screen about how much weight can be lifted up when many moving pulleys are use.

  • What is pulley?

    Pulley is a disc which rotates around the axis. By putting ropes or chains, it is used to lift up the heavy object or change the force direction with a little power.

  • History of pulley

    One theory says the pulley was used to hoist a sail 4500 years ago. Generally it is believed that pulley-like equipment appeared around 2500 years ago.

  • Crane truck?!

    Many pulleys are used in a crane truck. The crane lifts up a heavy object with a small power by the combination of fixed and moving pulleys of its boom head.