Experience the wonders of weather!

Watch the video, and you can deepen your understanding about weather in Japan and the movement of weather fronts, and the characteristic weather in the Hokuriku region. Touch the screen and move the image to see the structure of a typhoon from various angles.

  • Weather lore

    Weather lore is a saying about weather which predicts the weather from the shape of clouds, the appearance of mountains, and other observable events around us. Those that are scientifically correct have been handed on to the present day.

  • Red sky at night, sailor's delight

    The glow of sunset is seen when the western sky is clear. Since weather changes come from the west, it is said to indicate a good weather the next day.

  • Rainbow in the morning, sailors take warning

    A morning rainbow is caused by the sun in the east shining rain drops in the west. Since the rain in the west will be coming closer as it moves eastward, a morning rainbow is a sign of rain.