The invisible world of sounds

Stand on the footprints on the floor in front of the display. You can operate the device without touching anything, as it senses your hand movement. Sounds—something we usually cannot see—are displayed in the shape of waves. Change the shape of waves and listen to various kinds of sounds.

  • The three components of sound

    Do you know about the three components of sound? Sounds around us have differences in their pitch, loudness, and timbre. These are called “three components of sound.”

  • Walls of a music room

    Many small holes can be found on walls of a music room. Acoustic material (sound-absorbing sponge) is filled inside these holes to absorb sound.

  • Sounds exist in outer space?!

    When a European probe was descending to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, in January 2005, it sent back the sound of wind rushing. Titan has an atmosphere, and it was the first sound captured on an astronomical object other than the Earth.