Dow Toray

Let's learn about the wonder of silicone

There are a range of products that use silicon resin, "silicone." Silicone has various properties. You will learn in the museum the five properties among many others, such as heat resistance, absorbency, adhesiveness, optical transparency, and insulating property. You will also learn in which part of products around us silicone is used.

  • What is silicon?

    Silicon is a semiconductor that is frequently used in electronic parts. Silicon and silicone are very similar words, so they are often confused.

  • What is silicone?

    Silicone is a high-molecular compound, or a "polymer," a chain of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. Its raw material is silica rocks that are contained in stones and rocks.

  • Super-material!

    Silicone has much more advantages such as cold resistance, water repellency, anti-foaming property, and detachability. Silicone is used in many ways in the society as we make the most of these characteristics in many products.