J-BUS Ltd.

A bus manufacturing company

J-BUS manufactures two-thirds of large tour buses made in Japan for Hino Motors and Isuzu Motors. Not like passenger vehicles, They make custom-made buses on a pre-order basis. Let's ride on a real bus that is cut in half.

  • Parts procurement

    They procure 25,000 parts per bus required for a bus assembly from 800 suppliers nationwide. As the parts inventory in the factory is only for two days of manufacturing, they manage the daily procurement precisely.

  • E-coating

    They put the whole large bus body in the coating bath and use electrical current to realize the uniform coating with the desired thickness. It is a world-leading facility.

  • Simply combined

    Unlike a house building, they build a chassis and a body separately, and put the body on the chassis to combine. They don't build a chassis first and then assemble a body on it. The technique is unique to their Komatsu Factory.