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Various electronic components

A variety of electronic components are hiding in the useful items we use in our daily lives. We cannot see them, so don’t you want to know where these items are used? Let's look at the manufacturing process of various electronic components.

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  • Wonder stone?!

    Fine ceramics, "wonder stone," is a new material that doesn't exist in nature, and is produced from raw materials through separation and refinement in atomic level. Fine ceramics is used in many ways as the material of electronic components.

  • What are its properties?

    The "wonder stone" has varying properties: stores electricity, expands and contracts, captures infrared light, alters electrical flow, and induces magnetism. Various electronic components are produced with application of these functions.

  • Bringing together Murata parts

    A number of electronic components are used in MURATA BOY®. A gyro sensor underneath his seat detects slanting angles of the body. He corrects it by rotating a large disc in his chest.