Toa Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Technologies for utilizing renewable energy

The company’s business includes production and sales of wiring harnesses (distribution cable sets) for construction machinery, designing of power supply/lighting apparatus, photovoltaic (PV), wind power and hydropower systems, and sales of batteries. A hybrid power generation system and a pico-hydro (micro hydro) power generator are displayed.

  • Hybrid power

    Hybrid power generation refers to a combination of different types of power generation, such as PV, wind, and hydro. The game allows you to operate a power generation system that matches the local meteorological condition by combining PV and wind power.

  • Eliminate wasted energy!

    Hybrid power system can be used as a stable power source by temporarily storing the power generated in batteries. It is a useful system in places with no power sources, or at times of disaster and other emergency situations.

  • Various types of power generation

    Sunlight, solar heat, wind, hydropower, geothermal, wave, and biomass are natural energy that can be used repeatedly and do not diminish, as compared to finite resources such as crude oil. These are called renewable energy.