Komatsu Gas Co., Ltd.

Easy to transport liquefied natural gas

The company’s display is a huge molecular model of methane (CH4). The white dome in the center represents carbon (C), and the light blue balls placed around it in four directions represent hydrogen (H). Methane is the main component of natural gas, an energy that emits less CO2 compared to other fossil fuel.

  • LNG carrier

    LNG carriers are vessels designed for transporting liquefied natural gas. Japan imports about 97% of its LNG, mainly from Australia, Qatar, and Malaysia.

  • The volume of LNG transported

    The volume of natural gas is reduced when it is liquefied, which enables transportation of a massive volume at one time. A huge LNG carrier can carry a volume enough for as many as about 200,000 households to use over one year.

  • Liquefaction

    Natural gas is cooled to about -160 degrees Celsius and liquefied before transportation. The volume shrinks by a factor of 600. Once in Japan, it is converted back to gaseous form and the composition is adjusted, after which it is delivered to our homes via gas pipes.