Space Station Komatsu

Creative Space Expanding towards the Future

In the Space Station Komatsu, replicas of experimental equipment of Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" of International Space Station (ISS) and living space on ISS are presented. It exhibits a full-scale replica of Kibo built in the early stage of its establishment and operation, including a toilet, and sleeping cabins.

  • Symbol of Peace

    ISS is a large manned spacecraft built at an altitude of about 400 kilometers. It is an international cooperation project participated by five space agencies from U.S., Russia, Europe, Canada, and Japan (total 15 countries) . ISS also serves as a symbol of international cooperation and peace.

  • Crews' sleeping cabins

    A crew's private sleeping cabin is equipped with a sleeping bag, as well as a PC and an iPad for work and internet communication. They can watch their favorite DVDs to relax, for example.

  • Kibo has no living space?!

    Astronauts' main living space is the Zvezda Service Module developed by Russia. It is equipped with private sleeping cabins, toilets, cooking appliances, exercise machines, communication devices, and equipment for docking with the Soyuz spacecraft.