Spots for the Space Photos

Let's Take Photos!

You might want to take photos on the theme of space in Science Hills Komatsu. Here we recommend good photo spots in the museum where you can find a lot of taste of space. Let's take photos to create memories with you family or friends, or by yourself.

  • Comic Foreground of Kabukky

    There is a comic foreground of Kabukky, Komatsu City's mascot character, in front of the entrance. You can find Kabukky in space suit only in Science Hills Komatsu.

  • Let's change into an astronaut!

    You can put on a blue suit that astronauts wear during training or interviewed. Various sizes, for children and adults, are available. We recommend taking photos in the replica of Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo".

  • You are in outer space?!

    Take your photo in front of a photograph panel of an astronaut performing an extra-vehicular activity. Amazingly, in the photo, you are floating in outer space.