Feel the world of mechanics!

This simple exhibit is very popular. "What a strange feelings!" "What is it happening?" We hear many reactions of surprise. You will never know the wonder if you're just watching it. Try it and find a secret physical law!

  • Spinning top?!

    Have you ever spun a top? When the rotational axis of a top leans sideways, the axis of the top starts "wobbling." It is called precession.

  • Gyro effect

    When the axis of the top starts falling, what will happen? When force to tilt the axis is applied, another force to move the axis at a right angle to the applied force is generated. This is called gyro effect.

  • Where is it used?

    A gyrocompass with a gyro mechanism is used in ships. It is essential equipment that decides the direction of travel. In addition, MURATA BOY® can detect minute slanting angles of the body due to a gyro sensor, an electronic component of gyro.