Parabolic antenna

Communication in an invisible world!

Two huge bowl-like objects are placed facing each other on the grass plot outside. These are parabolic antennas of two-meter diameter. Even small voices can be heard clearly at the other end, because the dishes reflect the sound without allowing them to spread. Try to talk in a whisper with your friend.

  • Parabolic antenna

    You can find TV antennas on top of roofs and on balconies. They are also in bowl-like shapes. This shape directs radio waves received inside the antenna to a single point.

  • Microwave

    Parabolic antennas receive microwaves with short wavelengths sent from broadcasting satellites. Microwaves are also used for purposes such as meteorological radars and marine radars, as they tend to follow a straight path.

  • Microwave ovens

    Microwave ovens use microwaves to cause water molecules in food to move and create heat.