Three primary colors of light

Let's learn about the light around you!

When you walk through the corridor between the Miracle Lab. (laboratory room) and Future Lab. (workshop room), red, green, and blue color lights are reflected on the floor. You may feel like dancing under the colorful lights, but here let's focus on the color of the light and shadow.

  • Three primary colors!

    Have you used a printer? Ink color consists of magenta, cyan, and yellow, which is called three primary colors of ink. The more of these colors you overlay, the darker the color it becomes.

  • Three primary colors of light

    Light also has three primary colors. It is different from that of light and consists of red, green, and blue. Overlaying more of these colors creates a brighter color. Many kind of color can be created by mixing them.

  • Yellow, cyan, and magenta

    Different color shadows are created depending on the color combination. Combining red and green light creates yellow shadow, green and blue for cyan, and red and blue for magenta.