Industry timeline of Komatsu

The ABC of Komatsu

There is an industry timeline of Komatsu on the wall beside the entrance of the Wonderland. You can see the origin of manufacturing in Komatsu, going back 20,000 years ago. This exhibit may show you the spirit of Science Hills Komatsu as a place where you can develop your creativity for the future.

  • Mining industry

    There were Ogoya mine, Kanehira mine, and Yusenji copper mine in Komatsu, thus plenty of natural resources. Economy has boomed in Edo period (1603-1868) thanks to the mines. Manufacturing of mining machinery started from here, and it led to the birth of Komatsu Ltd.

  • Weaving industry

    It is recorded that in Edo period, 32% of merchants of Komatsu were related to silk business. Komatsu silk was very popular, and distributed to all over Japan from Ataka port by ship.

  • Pottery industry

    In the late Edo period, Kaga domain established kilns to make tableware for their daily use. Pottery has started and developed since then, and today Kutani of Japan is renowned all over the world.