EV Bus

Environmentally friendly transport

The Electric vehicle (EV) Bus “Uchu Bus (Space Bus) Komachi☆,” powered by electricity, is in operation since March 30, 2013. This is the third case in Japan where a bus manufacturer was involved from designing to production. EV bus emits no CO2 as it runs on electricity. Since it is also low in noise, it is an environmentally and people friendly bus.

  • Greenbiz Ground

    Pavement material called greenbiz-G is used for the grounds of EV bus stops. Greenbiz-G has high strength, water retention capacity and permeability. It can reduce road surface temperature by retaining rainwater.

  • What is greenbiz?

    Greenbiz was developed by Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd. It is a type of foamed ceramic made by firing biomass cake, a waste generated from the dyeing process, at 1000 degrees Celsius or above.

  • The design of the EV bus

    You will enjoy riding the bus. Its exterior is painted in yellow and its interior is designed with the image of a spacecraft. Actually, small Kabukky (a mascot character of Komatsu City) is hiding on the exterior of the bus! How many of them can you find?