Planets in the Solar System

Let's find scientific tricks at the entrance!

On the floors surrounding the 3D Studio dome, there are different sizes of eight circles. If someone gets close to them, planets pop out. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune line up in order, and you can compare their sizes and weights.

  • Popping out planets

    Look closely at the lower part of the walls of the 3D Studio dorm. You will find a square sensor, which makes the planets pop out when someone passes in front of it.

  • How gigantic the sun is!

    When compared to the size of the eight planets that appear on the floor, the size of the sun is equivalent to the 3D Studio dome. Obviously the sun is much bigger than planets.

  • Live explanation !

    You can learn the sizes of the planets outside the 3D Studio, while our expert staff offer live explanations about the attractiveness of the planets operating a screen inside the studio.