Polarizing Plate

Hide-and-seek of colors?!

There is a scientific trick using polarizing plates around the center of the entrance hall. Look at the window above the main entrance. You will see four plain gray color squares. Look at the window again through polarizing plates. A different view will come into your sight.

  • Turn polarizing plate!

    Look at the squares of the window above the main entrance again. Let's see what will happen when you turn the polarizing plate as you turn a steering wheel.

  • Use two plates!

    While keeping one polarizing plate in the same position, turn another one as you turn a steering wheel. See what happens. The world turns black…!?

  • What can you see?

    Next, let's look at the monitors on the wall behind the reception desk through one polarizing plate, and turn it like a steering wheel. Polarizing plates are used around you, such as a LCD television and PC screen.