Prism Light

Find rainbows in the museum!

The sunlight streaming through the large window creates a rainbow on the wall or floor of the entrance hall. The rainbow appears in a different place depending on the movement of the sun through a day. Let's look for a rainbow, focusing on the season and time.

  • Rainbow and snake

    A rainbow is considered as a kind of snake in Chinese culture. In a myth or legend, a huge snake that brings creation and rain is called "rainbow snake." Similar stories can be found worldwide.

  • Prism experiment

    In the late 17th century, an English scientist Sir Isaac Newton passed sunlight through a prism, and recollected split spectrums of seven colors with a convex lens, and proved it came back into white light.

  • Rainbow in the sky

    You may know the conditions of the rainbow formation. After rain stops and sunlight appears, look up the sky with the sun behind you. Each raindrop works as a prism and splits light into seven colors