Foucault Pendulum

What a surprise! Big pendulum

You will find a pendulum of 5 meters (m) in length and 4 kilograms (kg) in weight at the main entrance hall. The time to complete one full swing depends only on its length, regardless of its weight and amplitude of the swing. This experiment device shows the rotation of the earth.

  • Swing direction is…?

    After you arrive at the museum, let's first remember the direction the pendulum swings. Check the direction again before you leave.

  • Whose discovery?

    French physicist Foucault was the first to directly prove the rotation of the earth. It was a public experiment using a pendulum of 67 m in length and 28 kg in weight.

  • Doesn't it twist?

    Knife edges being at right angles to each other are incorporated in the pendulum to offset the torsion or vibration. It is designed to equally move all directions.