Element Symbol Coin Locker

Wonder of color

Element symbols and pictures of the things we daily use are put up on the locker. A variety of colors are used, and you can enjoy the colorful world. But let's see what happens to the colorful world when the fluorescent light is changed to the sodium lamp light.

  • Sodium lamp

    You see the sodium lamp appears orange. What does it happen if this light is irradiated on a prism? Actually no other colors come out.

  • What's the difference?

    We usually recognize the color of an object through the light that splits into seven colors after passing a prism (e.g. Fluorescent light or sunlight) reflected on the surface of an object. The sodium lamp is a monochromatic light. It reflects and appears only orange.

  • Where is it used?

    The sodium lamp is mainly used in the tunnel or on the road. Monochrome of orange clears your vision even in a gas or dust, and you can clearly see an object.