Waves Everywhere?!

Unseen world of wave?!

A logo of SCIENCE HILLS KOMATSU is projected on the floor. After a while, "water wave patterns" appear. A sensor installed on the ceiling reacts to visitors and the reaction move a device to tap the water surface to create wave patterns. A lot of waves are hiding around us.

  • Sound is a wave?!

    A sound is a longitudinal wave where vibration of air particles transmits. A sound vibrates the air, and a transmission of the thin and thick air in sequence is a wave of the air.

  • Light is a wave?!

    Light also has the property of a wave and is a transverse wave. Light and radio wave has the property of both electricity and magnetism and transmit like a wave.

  • Earthquake is a wave?!

    An earthquake transmits the vibration of the ground as a wave. The energy from an earthquake travels as both longitudinal and transverse waves. When distant earthquake occurs, the longitudinal wave reaches us first followed by the transverse wave.