Yumekobo Architectural Design Project at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT)

One-hundredth scale model of Science Hills Komatsu

A one-hundredth scale architectural model of the museum is displayed. This sophisticated model was made through cooperative efforts of KIT students by accumulating their knowledge gained in the class, as part of the extracurricular education program. Take your time and observe the model of the whole appearance of the museum.

  • The 56th BCS (Building Contractors Society) Prize

    In 2015, the museum was awarded the BCS Prize, established in the belief that the excellence of building depends on both its design and construction technology, and mutual understanding and collaboration among the owner, designer and constructor is essential.

  • Stylish chairs

    There are a variety of brilliant and unique chairs imported from Italy, Switzerland, etc. There is also a chair designed by Taro Okamoto, Japanese famous artist. Try to find it!

  • Stylish lighting system

    In the museum, there are many thin pillars so that the inside of the museum is spacious. The pillars are equipped with the museum's original lighting system designed by Izumi Okayasu, Japanese famous lighting designer, using eco-friendly LED lamps.