Challenge Wall

Let's train muscles!

You will see a bouldering wall to the left of the entrance. The painting of the International Space Station added on the wall in 2016 has made the wall much more attractive. Bouldering for both children and adults is also available on the open-air wall at the roof of the 3D Studio.

  • Challenge level shown by color

    Colors of bouldering holds indicate a challenge level. Let's climb following the same colored holds. Green is the beginner level, yellow is medium, and pink is advanced.

  • Let's try various routes!

    There are various ways to climb the wall. You can climb vertically, diagonally, or in a zigzag manner, and from the right, left, or center. The level of challenge varies depending on the routes. Try to complete all!

  • Touch the star!

    Let's find the Summer Triangle on the wall painting! Find the Altair in Aquila, and now let's try to climb the wall aiming to touch the star!