Shadow Letters

The world of light and shadow!

You will see white building miniatures on your eye level, but also can find the letter of "SCIENCE HILLS" below the miniatures. Light is irradiated from above the miniatures to project the letters on the wall. Let's look from above and below the building miniatures.

  • Appearance of shadow

    The shadow looks differently depending on the light source. A small light source generates a sharp shadow and a large source generates a sharp shadow with a pale shadow around it.

  • Objet d'art of shadows

    Inside the museum you will find another exhibit that uses six cubes. Each cube rotates about its rotational axis of symmetry through a pair of two opposite corners against the light to project three different letters.

  • Sun clock

    The first clock humanity created was a sun clock. The shadow direction will tell you time as it changes in accordance with the sun's movement. It is said that the first sun clock was created in Egypt around 5000 to 6000 years ago.