Pulleys are around you!!

There is an elevator in the museum, on which pulleys are used. After you learn the basics of pulleys through the science exhibit in the Wonderland, let's observe the mechanism of the elevator itself.

  • Which are fixed pulleys?

    Two red fixed pulleys are installed on the 2nd floor ceiling. These need to be supported by the same force as the load applied to an elevator car. Mainly used to change the motion direction.

  • Which are moving pulleys?

    Two yellow moving pulleys are installed under the elevator car, as well as one on the green weight. Two pulleys under the elevator car work as one moving pulley.

  • Pulley outside museum!?

    There are flag poles outside the main entrance on the left. Pulleys are also used at the tops of the poles. Let's check where the pulley is used in our daily life.