Youkaichijikata site

The ABC of Komatsu

Research excavationIt has large remains located on the east of JR Komatsu station. In the Middle Yayoi period around 2,300 years ago, it became a leading village of Hokuriku region. Manufacturing and trading has flourished, and it played a key role for cultural exchanges between the eastern and western area along the Sea of Japan. A part of the remains is still in the underground of the museum.

  • Moats

    In Yayoi period, living places and graves in large villages were encircled by many moats. It is considered that moats worked as boundaries between the village and the outside, and also as drainage canals.

  • Woodwork

    In the site, a high level woodworking technique developed. At that time, people well understood the property of woods and created a variety of wood products such as farming and weaving tools and beautiful small containers.

  • Komatsu-style potteries

    As the village largely developed, unique Komatsu-style potteries were invented. It is confirmed that the potteries spread to the eastern Japan together with other cultures of Komatsu.