Stone Culture of Komatsu

The ABC of Komatsu

Cylindrical beads in process found at Youkaichijikata site (Important Cultural Property)The Story of Komatsu's Gems & Stones was registered as Japan Heritage. Storehouses, walls, and torii shrine gates made of Takigahara Stone and Kanagaso Stone are persisting stone culture around us. From its history of stone culture, Komatsu's unique stone story has emerged. From ancient stone artifacts, jewelries, Kutani ware to copper mine, people have used the underground resources for the development of the village and manufacturing.

  • Development through production of cylindrical beads

    Comma-shaped jade beads and cylindrical jasper beadsAt Youkaichijikata site, cylindrical beads using jasper (green gem) were found. Jasper had been mined abundantly in Komatsu. Mass produced cylindrical beads were distributed to distant locations with comma-shaped beads made of jade, and the village was greatly developed.

  • Stone artifacts and Kutani ware

    Stone spear and Kutani plate Hanasaka porcelain stone, a material of Kutani ware, is actually the same rock used for stone artifacts in primitive age 20,000 years ago. It is originated from rhyolite from a volcano.

  • Beautiful stone patchwork

    Stone wall of the Komatsu CastleKomatsu Castle was built for MAEDA Toshitsune, the load of Kaga domain, to live after retirement. All the stones used for the base of the main castle tower were shaped to fit exactly with the surrounding stones. It looks like a beautiful patchwork quilt!