Enjoy Komatsu's specialties

This is an Italian restaurant on the second floor. The name Jin means compassion in Japanese, which is taken from the spirits of "Kanjincho" (one of the 18 Kabuki Plays in Ichikawa style): wisdom, compassion, and courage. The story was set in Komatsu. Enjoy seasonal dishes with local ingredients and the view of our sacred Mt. Hakusan.

  • Be organic!

    The restaurant offers various dishes with locally grown vegetables, including JAS certified organic vegetables from Nishida Farm in Komatsu. We hope you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves.

  • Quality water

    It uses spring water named Water of Ohama, from Mt. Hakusan for the soup. The spring is located in Mikawa area, Hakusan City, and the water was selected as a top 100 water sources of Heisei era in Japan. It is soft water with fewer minerals, which would fully bring out the flavor of ingredients.

  • For various occasions!

    It offers a variety of dishes for lunch, cafe, and dinner, and is also available for private parties with 30 to 40 people. You can discuss and choose serving styles from buffet to course meal depending on the occasion.