Renewable Energy

Let’s explore the energy around us!

Four wind turbines are built on the grass on the south side of the museum, and a photovoltaic system is set up on the rooftop of Ristorante Jin(2nd Floor), though you can only see it from above. The power generated by these facilities is displayed on the thick square pillar next to the Hills Shop.

  • Wind power generation

    The wind rotates the wind turbine, which rotates the generator and produces power. While power can be generated during day and night, wind power has some disadvantages. For example, suitable sites are limited and output per unit is low.

  • Photovoltaic (PV) power generation

    Power can be generated directly from sunlight by using PV cells. Disadvantages of the system include: the inability to generate power at night; different levels of output due to weather conditions; and low efficiency in converting light energy to electric energy.

  • PV and wind power generation in Japan

    Japan, along with Germany, is the world leader for PV installation, with 4,914 MW installed as of end 2011. However, installation of wind power is falling behind Europe and North America, with the accumulated installed capacity at about half the level of PVs.